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Hi Everyone!

I would like you to have an open mind and ponder what I have to say...Collectively, we don't believe in the traditional belief in God.  And Rightly so...

We have lost our myth. A myth is commonly used as a misconception or someone else’s religion. But the intended meaning of a Myth is a sacred story, containing deep behavioral, psychological, and spiritual guidance to the society that it applies to. -Serena Jade


In his book God And The Big Bang, Daniel Matt says, "The Big Bang didn't happen somewhere outside of us, no, we began inside the Big Bang, we embody its Primordial Energy. 

Many people have shed the security of traditional belief. They are more likely to experience a void than a satisfying fullness of God's presence. If they believe in anything perhaps its Science and Technology. Science has seen progress in every field except one:


The ultimate meaning of life. The traditional way of conceiving god no longer works.-Daniel Matt

Are you open to an ancient but new way to perceive the oneness of the universe? -like...

The physical universe is God's body, and the Divine's Language is energy. 

Religion comes from the Latin - meaning to bring us back to our Divine origin. 

 Holy Sapphire-truth, clear and sky blue

Understanding The Psycho- Spiritual Aspect of Religion

All religions have an advanced esoteric understanding. The mainstream of religion is the literal basic understanding, but their esoteric counterparts go deeper beyond the surface, and are embedded in their traditions. All esoteric wisdom is very similar as they focus on the soul within the person, and a God who cannot be named. When someone embarks on the esoteric path, they are mystics. This is not about belief, but about self-knowledge.


The hidden part of all the major religions are a much different concept to their mainstream counterpart. This is much due to the deep understanding of the soul. Mainstream religion focuses on our ego in relation to society, and worships a God outside of us. While their esoteric counterparts get in touch with the soul inside of us, whom is deeply connected to a God that transcends the mainstream God.


Esoteric wisdom talks of uniting our limited ego and spiritual soul-this is where our human nature merges with our spiritual soul, which is absolutely connected to the Beloved force outside of us. This is known as the Mystical Marriage.


Unio Mystica comes when the ego is under control, not in control- then the union of ego and soul are walking together hand in hand; wrapping them with its encircling light, the Energy of all Energies shines within them, and all around them. 


The Age of Aquarius, is the age of the merger of matter and energy, and the Age of Pisces, was the age of the split between matter and energy.

                             E = MC2

What is the ultimate meaning in life? 

Is it to get a good job? 

Is it to find a traditional husband/wife? 

Is it to procreate? 

The job, husband/wife, and procreation are the duties of civilization, and each religion has their own customs of celebrating these milestones. This is the social aspect of our world.


However, the advanced knowledge of religion were meant for a few. These people are called mystics. And mystics want to experience the ultimate meaning of life. When you are a mystic you understand science is uncovering similar knowledge, but in a different way.  


Come along with me and discover Judaism's Kabbalah, Christianity's Gnosticism, Islam's Sufism, Hinduism's Tantra, and the Science of Quantum Physics...

Judaism's Kabbalah

Kabbalah means to receive the secret, esoteric mystical meaning of Judaism. The oral wisdom began with Abraham and Moses. The written word started to take shape centuries after Moses. These written works are called Merkabah and the Hekhalot. They center on the holy chariot, and the ascent into the Heavenly Palaces. The four worlds of the early mystics were the world of the throne of glory, the world of the angels, and the world of the planets and stars, and the world of the sublunar. 

Three books make up what is called the modern Kabbalah, Sefer Yetzirah (The Book of Formation), the Bahir (The Book of Illumination), and the Zohar (The Book of Radiance).


The four modern worlds are: The world of Emanation (Spiritual World), The world of Creation (Mental World), The world of Formation (the Emotional world), and The world of Action ( Physical world).

In a beginning the Ein Sof-the Energy of all Energies created God: “When the Light contracted into itself, separating itself from the Vessel, the Vessel shattered, giving birth to the universe as we know it. This is known in Kabbalah as “Shvirat Ha’kelim”, or the Shattering of the Vessels. And it is that moment of restriction that is known as the Big Bang; Kabbalists call it Tzimtzum.

As the vessel shattered, this action gave birth to duality, the Light-the Energy of all Energies remained beyond duality. Ideally by raising the spark within us that was once part of the vessel, we repair our spark to merge with the Energy of all Energies. We do this by mending our tikkun (karma) and understanding the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves.

The Kabbalists made a map of this process known as the Tree of Life: There are three columns that make up the tree, right column is the masculine side, and the left column is the feminine side, and the center combines the two to become androgynous.

The 10 sefirot that make of the Tree are the reflections of attributes, we need to create our self into wholeness, to become one with our ego, soul, and the infinite, Energy of all Energies!

Christianity's Gnosticism

In 1945, a young Shepard boy stumbled upon ancient scrolls in a small town of Upper Egypt. Stuffed in a red earthenware jar were thirteen papyrus books, bound in leather, some were titled, The Gospel of Thomas, The Gospel of Philip, and The Gospel of Truth. It would later be discovered the scrolls were the hidden writings of the living Jesus, sacred to the Gnostics. Gnosticism emerged around two-thousand years ago, when the early church was in its infancy. The writings were buried 1600 years ago, probably from the increasing powerful church authorities.


If you were a Gnostic you followed a self-discovery path, leading you to God. The word Gnosis is of the Greek origin and means knowledge. Self-knowledge was a holy ritual to the Gnostics. Gnosticism is the esoteric advanced hidden wisdom of Christianity, because it's not understood by the masses. According to the Gnostics, one had to be spiritually mature to learn the secret teachings of Jesus Christ. One had to think as opposed to one just believing in an outside God. 

Islam's Sufism

Simply put Islam's advanced esoteric wisdom brings the lover, and the beloved closer together. The lover is the soul, and the beloved is the Energy of all Energies. Together they dance around the heart. The heart is Divine Love and the Sufis, bring the dance of Divine Love into existence. 

I looked in temples, churches, and mosques. But I found the Divine within my heart.-Rumi

Hinduism's Tantra

Tantra is an ancient Hindu esoteric wisdom that means to expand the mind and unite the Yin and Yang within us. Yoga means to join together. In Tantra yoga we join together, the Conscious and the Unconscious, the Soul and the Ego, the Masculine and Feminine characteristics within the self.

The Chakra System Is Part of Tantra

The chakra system within the tantric tradition, when balanced is a representation of an integrated individual, bringing their human nature together with their spiritual nature, to be one with Brahman, the Energy of all Energies. 

The chakra system is built on the psychological and spiritual functions corresponding to life and is highly connected, with our nervous and endocrine systems. Mainstream society functions at the first three and a half centers. Leaving out the transpersonal upper realm-the world of spirit.

Through study (acquiring self-knowledge) and practicing kundalini yoga, we bridge the gap between the conscious and unconscious, the soul and ego, and the masculine and feminine.

The chakras.

The Science Of Quantum Physics

Very similar to the esoteric part of religion, Quantum physics is not satisfied with the surface, like just the Atom. Quantum physics investigates, the deeper part of the Atom. 

Instead of picturing God as a Medieval monarch on a marble throne, imagine God as a living awareness in the space between the atoms, "empty" space that makes up 99.99% of the universe. Is God immanent or transcendent, internal or external? Like the question of whether the atom is a wave or a particle, the answer is Yes. -Tom Mahon

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